Preserving & Co. are a special way to appreciate your own food …

Boiling down is addictive. I love to keep fruit and vegetables stable for the winter and fill the summer with the storage cupboards. And then in winter to eat semolina porridge with boiled cinnamon plums or fermented vegetables from the garden …

Process for preserving food. Food becomes perishable due to the action of oxygen, bacteria, yeast and mold, light, temperature and the action of food’s own enzymes. We preserve food by eliminating these factors.

Example: making jam … Tips from Karin Maier:

  • Use perfect fruit.

  • Make sure to use high-quality and above all ripe fruit.

  • Make sure to cut out the rotten area generously.

  • Preservation by exposure to heat.

  • It doesn’t work without pectin. Pectin creates consistency.

  • Private coaching: individually or in a small group/family with Karin Maier.

Our conclusion…

When boiling jam you can do a lot right, but unfortunately, you can do a lot wrong.

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Our tomato sauces homemade with fresh tomatoes (2019)


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