Grandchildren: Why it is so wonderful to have a grandchild …

Thoughts and feelings of a grandmother who loves her grandchild more than anything:

  • You are more careful with yourself and others

  • You are trying to see the world through the eyes of a baby

  • You will learn to pay attention to the different nuances of the wine

  • You learn to take care of little things again by following his gaze

  • You are really happy about every change of your grandson

  • You feel pure happiness when your grandson is doing well

  • You smile at him and he laughs back with joy

Our conclusion after the birth of our grandchild …

I am always amazed at how such a small miracle changes the life around me …

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Our 1st grandchild, 54cm, 3910 grams at birth


“Karin Maier is a great, experienced and patient person who helped me to master a critical life situation. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.”


“Ms Maier quickly discovered the reasons for “chaos” in my private office and in financial matters. Professionally she reorganized the processes in the office. Now everything is running again. Thank you very much!”

“Your empathetic nature has immediately developed a very positive familiarity. They quickly recognized my problem and immediately helped me with unconventional ways.”


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We want to make the world a safe, free and equal place for all people, especially women, children, those who give birth and those who are disadvantaged by society.

All the people in the world are full. They are allowed by law to attend schools, universities and educational institutions throughout their lives – from childhood to old age.

All people can be mentally and physically fit up to a ripe old age. After a fulfilled life, you can enter another world without pain or infirmity.

Every person acquires at birth the right to a happy, peaceful and self-determined as well as contented, grateful, successful and healthy life.

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