Sunrise at about 5:14 on the high seas.

Bofi Journey 2017
Rome, Calcavecchia, Corsica, Monaco, Nice.

Every year the winners of the best meet in the Bonnfinanzclub. We were very happy to be a member of the Bonnfinanz family at SeaDream II in May 2017. A cruise ship of superlatives chartered for 100 bonnfinanciers at a daily rate of € 120,000. The 50-strong crew left no wish unfulfilled.

4-day MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE Voyage in a maritime atmosphere.

Landed safely in Rome/Fiumicino, 2 buses brought us to an old Roman estate. In the big garden buffets with various delicacies were built up. We strengthened ourselves and enjoyed with a walk the wonderful rose plantations up to it on the SeaDream II went.


What pleased us the most was:

*Corsica, a rugged, mountainous island that has long belonged to France, still retains its Italian flair…

*Nice, the capital of the department Alpes-Maritimes lies on the French Riviera. It attracts artists like Henri Matisse, like moths the light…

*Monaco the Principality on the Côte d’Azur is characterised by its glamour, marinas, casino and Formula 1, luxury hotels, boutiques, the International Circus Festival, millionaires and the Grimaldis.

You can experience it all with us:

  • “Slow down a bit with us”

  • Just let your soul dangle with us

  • Yoga, Qigong and Tai Chi in self-direction experience with us

  • Meeting to meditate with us

  • Or meet for private coaching.

Fancy more? Ask us!

After the 4-day Mediterranean cruise here is our conclusion:

If the official program is too exhausting for you or you “want to slow down a bit” you will meet us next time on the ship, which is almost lonely and deserted in the harbour due to the many excursionists, to: meditate, simply let your soul dangle and look out onto the open sea or experience yoga, qigong and tai chi in self-direction or we will meet for a private coaching… You tell us what moves you and worries you or what difficult task you are facing after your holiday and look forward to professional support from us. Call us to find out more …


“Karin Maier is a great, experienced and patient person who helped me to master a critical life situation. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.”


“Ms Maier quickly discovered the reasons for “chaos” in my private office and in financial matters. Professionally she reorganized the processes in the office. Now everything is running again. Thank you very much!”

“Your empathetic nature has immediately developed a very positive familiarity. They quickly recognized my problem and immediately helped me with unconventional ways.”


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We want to make the world a safe, free and equal place for all people, especially women, children, those who give birth and those who are disadvantaged by society.

All the people in the world are full. They are allowed by law to attend schools, universities and educational institutions throughout their lives – from childhood to old age.

All people can be mentally and physically fit up to a ripe old age. After a fulfilled life, you can enter another world without pain or infirmity.

Every person acquires at birth the right to a happy, peaceful and self-determined as well as contented, grateful, successful and healthy life.

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