Ebnisee: Popular excursion destination in the Swabian Forest

Not far from the village of Ebni is the Ebnisee in Baden-Wurttemberg. We have put together more information for you about the Ebnisee!

You can experience everything with us:

  • Come to rest with us, in spring, autumn and winter on a walk around the lake

  • Let your mind wander, enjoy the wonderfully fresh mountain air

  • Let us walk around the lake together

  • In the adjacent forest area, we can do mindfulness exercises that are helpful for everyday life

  • Coaching talks individually or in a small group

Our conclusion from the short trip to the Ebnisee

The inclusive events around Lake Ebnise are an integral part of the most beautiful season. Every year, three events take place on three dates, bringing people together with and without restrictions through fun and games. Idyllic location right from Ebnisee! Enjoy nature, the cozy atmosphere, tradition, and hospitality with us .. We look forward to seeing you.

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Ebnisee nature park. Entertaining a circular hike, which can show some scenic features.


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