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Online fasting with Karin Maier, health advice and tips

Online fasting advice with Karin Maier in Großbottwar near Stuttgart in Germany. The fast course "Our body - Temple of the soul" always takes place in spring and autumn in Großbottwar near Stuttgart in Germany. Therapeutic Fasting: Exercise renunciation with the 14-day program. The head comes to rest, energy is released ... Our topics: [...]

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MEET KARIN MAIER. Qualified Yogasolan energy environment consultant and therapist

Induction course The basis of yogasolan science is the energy environment method and infogenesis. Yogasolan is the summarizing scientific teaching of the Far Eastern original knowledge and the connection of the natural sciences, consequently a consideration of the matter and the underlying causes. Read more...


City tours Europe with Karin Maier, life coach, travel blogger, short breaks

We love city trips! How is it with you Paris, Barcelona, London, Berlin, Vienna and Co .: Europe's cities have a lot to offer in 2020 ... come with us! For example, for a dream vacation in Paris. Experience the Eiffel Tower and the French flair up close with us .... We will experience [...]

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