Las Salinas Beach (Ses Salines) | Ibiza Spotlight, 2018


Salt mining at Ses Salines, pink salt. In the middle of a nature reserve with pink coloured flamingos lies Les Salines at the southern tip of the island. Wide fields that extract salt from the seawater fascinated us. The travel guide reported that the white salt is intended for industry and the pink [...]

Las Salinas Beach (Ses Salines) | Ibiza Spotlight, 20182019-08-08T17:59:33+02:00

Ibiza June 2018


Main beach Ibiza town Talamanca. That was once a surprise: our friend of many years could not travel to his house on Ibiza in the summer of 2018 and offered us to "look after" this 14 days. The house is a bit understated, a small villa in a subtropical garden with palm trees, [...]

Ibiza June 20182019-08-08T17:22:50+02:00
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