Fastentime by Maiers 🙏


“Diet and fasting as therapy" - Karin Maier Would you like to fast in a group under professional guidance? Do you want more joie de vivre and happiness? Here you will find tips on how to increase your happiness permanently and get fasting once a year ... All about fasting & [...]

Fastentime by Maiers 🙏2020-02-10T16:41:25+01:00

Karin Maier, newspaper report


Golden rules for more sustainability in everyday life ... ..... Tips from the NEWSPAPER ARTICLE and interview with Karin Maier "Perfection is the killer of everything" .... on the topic: Sustainability in everyday life Are you looking for eco tips? Read our tips for sustainability in everyday life how easy it is: [...]

Karin Maier, newspaper report2020-02-10T09:40:42+01:00

North Sea island Wyk on Föhr, mudflat hike in October 2018


Wadden hike from Dunsum out to sea, Two hours there and back. Seals observed. Private coaching: individually or in a small group/family Sometime in spring 2018, the idea was born that we would go on a "girls' trip" - mother and daughters together - in autumn to the island Wyk on Föhr - [...]

North Sea island Wyk on Föhr, mudflat hike in October 20182019-08-08T15:12:37+02:00

Las Salinas Beach (Ses Salines) | Ibiza Spotlight, 2018


Salt mining at Ses Salines, pink salt. In the middle of a nature reserve with pink coloured flamingos lies Les Salines at the southern tip of the island. Wide fields that extract salt from the seawater fascinated us. The travel guide reported that the white salt is intended for industry and the pink [...]

Las Salinas Beach (Ses Salines) | Ibiza Spotlight, 20182019-08-08T17:59:33+02:00

Ibiza June 2018


Main beach Ibiza town Talamanca. That was once a surprise: our friend of many years could not travel to his house on Ibiza in the summer of 2018 and offered us to "look after" this 14 days. The house is a bit understated, a small villa in a subtropical garden with palm trees, [...]

Ibiza June 20182019-08-08T17:22:50+02:00

Caribbean Cruise August 2017, Bonaire (Visit of the ABC Islands)


Bonaire Holidays, ABC Islands - Highlights & Tips in the Caribbean. Many islands called: ABC Islands, Barbados, Antigua, Bahamas, St. Lucia.... We finally wanted to see the Caribbean again. A great offer about the company "TCHIBO - Variety and Quality", founded in 1949 in cooperation with the shipping company RoyalCaribbean International and the [...]

Caribbean Cruise August 2017, Bonaire (Visit of the ABC Islands)2019-08-08T16:38:20+02:00
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